iPad for $499? How about a netbook for only $99 Free Shipping!

April 8, 2010

With all the hype about the iPad going on, not all of us can afford it. Lets face it the entry level iPad is being offered at $499 + service contract. Here at eGlobal Wireless we are offering a nifty little netbook for only $99 Free shipping with NO Contract! This mini laptop is perfect for the everyday person on the go that simply needs access to the internet. At $99, this netbook is perfectly priced. It comes with a 2 Gigabyte hard drive and wi-fi. Simply go to any wi-fi hot spot and you have access to the world wide web! You can Twitter, Facebook, MySpace until your hearts content! This item makes a great gift idea as well, it so does not look or feel like a $99 item. It is shipped brand new in a retailed sealed box. Hard to believe! It runs on the latest version of the new Windows CE 6.0. It looks like Windows XP to those who are unfamiliar with CE.

We are in no way trying to compare the almighty iPad to this simple notebook, however we do feel there is a lot more of us with a budget of $99 VS $499. If you need a simple and affordable way to be connected to the web, we have your answer. Feel free to contact us via live chat if you have any questions about this great offer. Until the next blog, happy surfing!


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eGlobal Wireless No complaints! in the News…

February 26, 2010

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Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headset – Welcome to the Future!

January 27, 2010

The new Jawbone Icon bluetooth headset only got released to the public 7 days ago and the buzz is amazing! We are selling these at a record pace, why you may ask? This new bluetooth headset from Aliph, the manufacturer of the famous Jawbone product line have outdone themselves this time. This truly innovative bluetooth headset not only provides the clearest call quality on the market today, but it has introduced futuristic features that are sure to be copied from other manufacturers. The Jawbone Icon is the first bluetooth headset that you can actually install apps onto it to enhance features of your bluetooth headset.

One of my favorite apps will let you voice text, read email, respond to email, twitter and facebook, all hands free using voice commands, now that is cool! Each different Icon design actually has a different voice! For all you iPhone users, the Icon has special features just for you including a battery icon on your phone so you know how much juice you have left, but don’t worry, the earpiece will tell you it’s time to recharge. In the ever fast changing pace of technology it will be quite interesting to see what else 2010 will serve up. We truly believe this will be the headset to beat. See the all new Jawbone Icon on sale here at eGlobalWireless.com

eGlobal Wireless in the News!

January 25, 2010

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Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset

January 21, 2010

Plantronics Discovery 975
The all new Plantronics Discovery 975 bluetooth headset is the latest and greatest from Plantronics. With it’s modern sleek futuristic look, it is sure to turn heads. This headset is fast becoming one of our top sellers.  It’s dual mic technology ensures a crystal clear call with filtered out background noise. With 3 layers of wind protection, wind noise will not be an issue with this headset. Here at eGlobalwireless.com we are selling this unit for the low price of $79.99 with FREE SHIPPING! , this is the lowest price on the internet, we guarantee it! One of the convenient features that we like is the carrying case charges the earpiece and triples the talk time! The Discovery 975 is getting a lot of positive feedback from our customers daily, the quality of Plantronics bluetooth headsets are truly a cut above the rest.

Bring in The New Year and bring in the Newest Models For Bluetooth Headsets

December 31, 2009

Happy New Years 2010

Well 2010 is here, and with the Consumer Electronics Show kicking off in Las Vegas, all the latest and greatest will be displayed. Our very talented buyer will be attending this year to make sure we are at the cutting edge of technology so we may continue to offer you the best of the best for bluetooth headsets and cell phone accessories. 2009 was a stellar year in the arena of bluetooth headsets, with the top 3 selling headsets introducing very good technology. Bluetooth car kits also sold at a record pace due to the mandatory laws passing more and more.

The top 3 selling headsets of 2009 were (in no special order) Plantronics Voyager ProBlueAnt Q1 and the Jawbone Prime. Each unit had its own special technology that it introduced and improved upon. We are looking forward to reporting and bringing you the newest products available.  The latest bluetooth headsets from Motorola look to be very promising. Motorola HX1 Endeavor is becoming popular fast with it’s CrystalTalk™ noise cancellation technology with the new stealth mode. This is pretty neat stuff! Motorola also introduced the H17, this is another headset rapidly gaining popularity and one to watch in 2010. We will provide updates via our Twitter page often, follow us today!

It’s a Bluetooth Holiday Season!

December 1, 2009

Bluetooth Sales at eglobal wireless

We are in the full swing of the holiday season here at eGlobal Wireless. The hottest items this year are bluetooth headsets and bluetooth car kits. These items are selling at  record  numbers. We saw an increase in business for bluetooth products by 35% from last year, that’s huge!  Hands free bluetooth car kits make great stocking stuffers! Bluetooth headsets of all price points are very popular, from our least expensive Jabra BT2020, to our top of the line Plantronics Voyager Pro. We have bluetooth headsets for everyone!

Bluetooth car kits are selling just as fast, one of our hottest item is the Jabra SP700.  Bluetooth car kits are the fastest and easiest way to drive safely and legally in most states. Stop by and visit our Bluetooth products section. You are sure to find the best deals on the internet, we guarantee it! We offer FREE SHIPPING on all of our items here at eGlobal Wireless. We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season!